There are many cemeteries in Menard County, not all of which are located in populated areas and some of which may be difficult to locate. The GNIS website search feature indicates there are 70 cemeteries in Menard. That search page can be found here. It is already completed with feature name, state and county. Just click on “send query.” Note that all 70 may not exist but the names reported at some point. The cemetery may be lost or may never have actually existed. Following is a list of 60 known cemeteries.

Henning Railroad Cemetery
Indian Point Cemetery
Joel Hall Cemetery
Kirby Cemetery
Merrell Cemetery
Moran Cemetery
Old West Cemetery
Smith Family Cemetery
Walnut Ridge Cemetery

Atterberry Cemetery
Ogden Cemetery
Stith Cemetery

Black Family Burying Ground


Elijah Potter Graveyard

Bee Grove Burying Ground
Blane Cemetery
Elmwood Cemetery

Hash Cemetery

Hickory Grove Cemetery

Hornback Cemetery

Hubly Graveyard

Cohee Cemetery
Dunschen Cemetery
Oakford Cemetery

Baker Prairie Cemetery #1
Baker Prairie Cemetery #2
Calvary Cemetery
Concord Cemetery
Godbey Cemetery
Lebanon Cemetery
New Salem Cemetery
Oakland Cemetery
Old City Cemetery
Old Concord Cemetery
Park Cemetery
Rose Hill Cemetery
Schoeneweiss Cemetery
Slinker Cemetery
Smoot Cemetery
Spears Family Burying Ground
Turner Cemetery
Watkins Cemetery #1
Woldridge Cemetery
Watkins Cemetery #2

Shipley Cemetery

Sweet Water
Alkire Cemetery
Sugar Grove Cemetery

Ayers Cemetery
Clary’s Grove Cemetery
Farmers Point Cemetery
Greenwood Cemetery East
Greenwood Cemetery West
Purkapile Cemetery
Rock Creek Cemetery
Smedly Cemetery
White Cemetery
Willson Cemetery

Tibbs Family Cemetery